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Donna Chang, played by Daisy McCracken, is a character in the film Halloween: Resurrection.

Donna took part in the Dangertainment reality show and agreed to be locked in the old Myers House. Jim Morgan constantly hit on her, though she acted as if she was not interested. Eventually the two, while exploring the house, wound up in the basement. While in the basement, the two found a hidden room and began heavily making out and when they were just about to have sex, a wall collapsed on them. Skeletons poured out from the wall and Donna screamed in terror. After a moment, they noticed the bones were fake. They were added by Freddie Harris to boost the entertainment value.

After leaving the room in the basement, Donna found the sewer system under the house. She discovered the real layer of the real Michael Myers. While trying to find her way back to the house, she runs in the Michael, who impales her on a spike on the wall.