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Diana Kimble, played by Erin Gray, is a character in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday.

Diana is Jason's half-sister, mother of Jessica Kimble, and grandmother of Stephanie Kimble.

In the film, she is targeted by Jason after his body is destroyed by the FBI, forcing him to possess other people; however, his hosts eventually decay, forcing him to find a surviving member of his family in order to be reborn. After possessing a police officer named Josh, Jason goes to his sister's house interrupting a phone call with her daughter. Seeing Jason's reflection in a mirror, Diana realizes her half-brother has possessed Josh and grabs a handgun from a drawer, shooting him in the head.

Believing she had killed him, she steps over Josh's body only for Jason to grab her and tries to transfer his soul into her. However, the father of her granddaughter, Steven Freeman enters the house and seeing Diana being attacked, attacks Josh unaware that he is actually Jason. During the ensuing struggle, Diana is killed and Jason escapes. Steven is blamed for her murder and arrested.

Her daughter's current boyfriend, American Casefiles host Robert Campbell, later steals her body from the morgue and places it in the Voorhees house to have it found by the police to spice up his shows ratings, only for Jason to transfer his soul from Josh's body to Roberts. During the film's climax, after his latest host is killed, Jason escapes in the form of a demonic fetus. He eventually ends up inside the cellar where Diana's body ended up and uses her body to completely resurrect himself, as he only requires the body of a Voorhees to be resurrected.