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Detective Del Crenshaw, played by Stephen Macht, is a character in the film The Monster Squad.

Del is Sean and Phoebe Crenshaw's father and Emily Crenshaw's husband. Del and Emily are having marital problems due to his overworking as a police officer. He has to cancel their marital counseling session when the monsters begin to awaken all over town.

When Sean and his friends engage in battle with Count Dracula, Dracula destroys the Monster Squad headquarters, a tree house in the Crenshaw backyard. Dell shows up and attempts to kill Dracula only for his partner, Detective Rich Sapir, to die in a car explosion.

Del gets a message from his son via walkie-talkie and meets him in the town square. He shoots Dracula in bat form and follows him into an upstairs room where he nearly shoots him again only to be attacked by the Wolf Man. With the assistance of Sean, he shoves a stick of dynamite in the Wolf Man's pants and shoves him out the second story window as he explodes.

After Phoebe, with the help from Scary German Guy, reads the magic incantations to send the monsters back to limbo, Del is seen with the rest of his family members after everything settles back down.