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Derelect hellraiser

Derelict, The Puzzle Guardian is a character in the film Hellraiser portrayed by Frank Baker. A filthy-looking vagrant, the Puzzle Guardian acts as the protector of The Lament Configuration puzzle box, passing it from hand to hand and saving it from danger. The Puzzle Guardian first appears in Morocco, where it sells Frank Cotton the Lament Configuration. Later, the Puzzle Guardian, having traveled to England, begins stalking Kirsty Cotton, at one point going into the pet shop where the young woman works and eating a large amount of crickets before being shooed away. When Kirsty and her boyfriend Steve attempt to burn the Lament Configuration, the Puzzle Guardian appears and saves the box before transforming into a skeletal dragon and flying away. The Puzzle Guardian is last seen back in India with the Lament Configuration, asking a prospective customer "What's your pleasure, sir?"

At the end of Hellbound: Hellraiser II, Little John plays the cricket-covered face of the Puzzle Guardian, which appears on the Pillar of Souls, asking a shocked moving man, "What is your pleasure, sir?"

In Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, Lawrence Mortorff plays the Puzzle Guardian, who sells nightclub owner J. P. Monroe the Pillar of Souls in the Pyramid Gallery. A week later, when Joey Summerskill and Terri investigate the Pyramid Gallery, they learn the shop has been closed for over a month, the owner having gone on vacation to Hawaii.

Doug Bradley portrays the Puzzle Guardian in Hellraiser: Hellseeker, where the Puzzle Guardian owns a sweatshop in a warehouse. The Puzzle Guardian, when Trevor Gooden appears in the warehouse after receiving a business card with "All Problems Solved" inscribed on it, sells Trevor the Lament Configuration, stating that the price of the box is far larger than he can imagine, which Trevor will learn eventually. Later, when Trevor returns to the Puzzle Guardian's warehouse, he finds it abandoned.

The Hellraiser comics by Epic explain the origin of the Puzzle Guardian, revealing there is one for every puzzle to Hell. The story "Mazes of the Mind" in the fifth issue of Clive Barker's Hellraiser states that Puzzle Guardians are created by the Cenobite Orno, who tampers with the mind of a denizen of Hell (referred to as "Raw Material") and imbues them with some of his own seed before sending them to Earth to have sex with a woman; after impregnating a woman, who will die during child birth, the Raw Material will commit suicide. When the child of the Raw Material reaches the age of sixteen, Orno reveals their destiny to them, giving them the puzzle they will guard.