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Deputy Tom Farrah, played by David Ursin, is a character in the film Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers.

Farrah, always partnered up with Deputy Nick Ross, is typically portrayed as a bumbling idiot. Cartoonish sound effects always seem to follow the pair around.

Farrah and Ross were sent by Dr. Sam Loomis to keep an eye on Tina Williams at the Halloween party at Tower Farm. They drove Tina to the party and parked outside to watch out for Michael Myers. They are pranked by Tina's friend Spitz who dresses up like Myers and scares them.

Later when they see Myers walking into the barn, they assume it's just Sptiz again. Myers kills Spitz and Samantha Thomas in the barn. Afterward Farrah and Ross are both killed by Myers via pitchfork afterward.