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Demon, played by Miguel A. Núñez, Jr., is a character from Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning.

Demon is the older brother of Reggie, or "Reggie the Reckless". According to Demon and Reggie's grandfather George, Demon tends to get into trouble. But when word gets to Reggie that Demon has come to town, Reggie goes to visit him.

Demon and his girlfriend, Anita are in a van eating Mexican food when Reggie and Pam Roberts arrive. Demon gives Reggie a ring and the two have a pleasant visit, but it's cut short when Tommy Jarvis, who also took the trip, gets into a fight with Junior Hubbard after Junior taunts him.

Once they leave, Demon's stomach starts hurting and he blames the enchiladas. He runs for the outhouse and is in there for a few moments when it begins to shake. As it turns out, Anita was playing a prank on him. He angrily chides her but she makes amends by singing a duet with him. When the outhouse begins to shake again, he angrily opens the door to see Anita with her throat slit. He closes the door and is killed with a metal pole rams through the wall and impales him.