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Deliver Us from Evil is a 2014 American supernatural horror film directed by Scott Derrickson and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. The film claims to be based on a 2001 non-fiction book entitled Beware the Night by Ralph Sarchie and Lisa Collier Cool, and its marketing campaign highlighted that it was "inspired by actual accounts", however the plot is an original piece written by director Derrickson. The film stars Eric Bana, Édgar Ramírez, Sean Harris, Olivia Munn, and Joel McHale in the main roles and was released on July 2, 2014. The film grossed $87.9 million against a $30 million budget.


In The Bronx in 2013, veteran NYPD Special Operations Sergeant, Ralph Sarchie, and his partner, Butler, patrol the 46th Precinct. A domestic disturbance call comes in over the radio. Sarchie finds out that the male at the address is a former Marine. At the site of the complaint, Sarchie and Butler encounter the former Marine, Jimmy Tratner, whose wife has been badly beaten. They also notice deep scratches on the floor. Tratner flees. Sarchie catches up and makes the arrest. The officers assume that Jimmy is mentally ill or high on drugs. Sarchie and Butler are called to the Bronx Zoo after a woman has thrown her toddler into the moat surrounding the lion enclosure. They find the woman in the lemur pen. She is furiously scraping at the ground and rapidly recites the lyrics to "Break On Through (To the Other Side)". Sarchie notices a commercial painter inside the lion enclosure. He enters to interrogate the man, but is attacked by the lions and barely escapes.

When the deranged woman, Jane Crenna, is transferred to a mental health facility, a Jesuit priest, Mendoza, arrives at the family's request. Another domestic disturbance call comes in; a family of three have been staying in the living room after a series of strange disturbances. There is one area of the house where light bulbs instantly burn out and candles will not remain lit. The family explains that there were two painters working the basement, where most of the disturbances occurred. In the basement, Sarchie discovers the decomposing body of one of the painters, David Griggs. At Griggs' decayed apartment, they find business cards for Alphonsus Painting company as well as a picture of Griggs with Jane Crenna and the child that she threw at the zoo. In another picture, Griggs is pictured in his Marine uniform with Jimmy and a third Marine, Mick Santino. They realize Santino must have been the painter at the zoo.

Mendoza believes that Jane is possessed by demons. He explains that there is secondary evil created by humans and primary evil which comes from demons. Sarchie is skeptical, but when he reviews the surveillance footage, he hears strange noises and sees things that Butler does not. Sarchie returns to Jimmy Tratner's house and finds a wall that was being painted. He scrapes away the paint to find a pictograph of an owl. At Sarchie's home, his daughter is awakened by strange noises. Sarchie scrapes off the paint to find a bizarre mix of Latin and ancient pictographs. He finds hard drives with footage from Tratner's deployments and watches the footage from the palm grove in Diyala. In a cave, the soldiers found a carving of the same message that is on the wall in Tratner's home. Sarchie revisits the basement where he found Griggs' body, scrapes off the paint, and finds the message again. He reviews the zoo surveillance footage and sees the same message was being painted over by Santino in the lion enclosure. With Mendoza, he visits Jane Crenna in the hospital but she savagely bites his already wounded forearm.

Mendoza decodes the message as a kind of bridge between Christian and pagan theology which would allow demons a door to the human world. He explains that certain people are more susceptible to such messages than others. He suggests that the voices and images Sarchie is seeing could be a result of his intuitive "radar", which means that he is also susceptible to the archaic message. Mendoza goes with Sarchie and Butler to an apartment building where they are attacked by Santino and Jimmy Tratner. Tratner is subdued by Mendoza's cross. Santino kills Butler. At Sarchie's home, his daughter sees her stuffed owl advance towards her bed. As she runs screaming, she sees Santino in the hallway. Sarchie arrives and Santino warns that he has abducted Sarchie's wife and daughter. Santino is brought to the precinct where Mendoza and Sarchie perform an exorcism on him. Sarchie's wife and daughter are located in an Alphonsus Painting van at a storage facility. The film ends with the baptism of the Sarchies' second child.