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Deep Blood, also known as Sharks and Sangue negli abissi (literally: "Blood in the Abyss"), is a 1989 Italian sharksploitation drama.

The credited director Raffaele Donato (as Raf Donato) only directed the first scene in which the boys gather to seal their blood pact, while the remainder of the film was directed and photographed by Joe D'Amato, who also co-produced the film through his company Filmirage in conjunction with Variety Film.


On a deserted beach, four boys, Miki, John, Ben and Allan, are told by an Indian the story of the monstrous marine being Wakan and seal a blood pact, a bond of their friendship and mutual assistance in case of danger.

Ten years later, the boys reunite as young men and decide to go on a holiday together. But a killer shark ruins their plans. It attacks the beach community and kills John while he is swimming.

The three remaining friends decide to avenge John's death and hunt the beast. Their task will not be easy, since a legend says that the beast is an incarnation of an ancient hoodoo spirit that has taken the form of a killer shark. The boys set an underwater trap for the shark and lure it into an area in which they have planted powerful explosives, thereby successfully killing the beast.