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Deborah Caldwell

Deborah Caldwell, played by Michelle Clunie, is a character in the film Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday.

Michelle, her boyfriend Luke McCabey and friend Alexis Peterson hitchhike their way to Camp Crystal Lake. They are picked up by Steven Freeman. Alexis asks if he wants to join them but he declines.

After setting up camp, the three go skinny dipping. When they return, Luke and Deborah use the tent to have sex. Alexis chooses to sleep in her sleeping bag. After stepping away to urinate, she hears a noise. Phil, a coroner possessed with the spirit of Jason Voorhees slashes her to death with a scalpel.

While having sex, Deborah and Luke are unaware that Phil is outside the tent wielding a sign post. He impales Deborah through the back and tears up through her torso, cutting her nearly in half. He then jams the post into Luke, who is screaming at the bottom of the tent.