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Debbie Klein is a character in Friday the 13th Part III, played by Tracie Savage.

Debbie is Andy's girlfriend and a good friend of Chris Higgins. In the summer of 1984, she goes along with her friends to Higgins Haven with Andy's roommate Shelly Finklestein and his blind date Vera Sanchez. At Higgins Haven, she watches Andy and Shelly have a juggling contest before walking over to Andy and telling him he can do better things with his hands. Later, she and Andy go upstairs to have sex.

As she takes a shower, Andy walks in doing a handstand, asking her if she wants a beer. At first she says yes, but soon calls out to Andy to tell him she has changed her mind, but there is no answer. Debbie lays down on the hammock to read a Fangoria magazine and soon notices blood dripping down. She looks up and sees Andy's mutilated corpse wedged in the rafters above her. Before she can react, Jason Voorhees, who had concealed himself beneath the hammock, grabs her head and stabs her through the chest, killing both Debbie and her unborn child.