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David Plummens, played by Gordon Michael Woolvett, is a character in the film Bride of Chucky.

Plummens is friends with Jesse Miller and Jade Kincaid. He encourages their relationship despite Chief Warren Kincaid trying to keep them apart, even trying to show up as Jade's date, even though Jesse was her real date. Kincaid was not fooled. Instead planting marijuana in Jesse's van and instructing Officer Norton to pull them over.

When the news breaks that a couple were killed in the same motel Jesse and Jade were staying in, David believed they were innocent. But after discovering Chief Kincaid, who was killed by Chucky and Tiffany, rotting in a compartment in the van, David pulls a gun and plans to turn them in to the police. Chucky reveals himself, telling everyone to be still, planning to take them all hostage, David backs out of the van into the road where he's hit by a car and killed.