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Darrel Lumley

Darrel "Panic" Lumley, played by Alfonso Ribeiro, is a character in the 1993 film Ticks.

Panic is an inner-city teen who is part of an inner-city wilderness project in an attempt to conquer his fear of the woods, led by Holly Lambert and Charles Danson. Panic initially greets Tyler Burns under the overpass where the camp rendezvous was. He attempts to intimidate him but to no avail.

Panic is hostile and feels out of place at the retreat. When his dog Brutus is killed by the ticks, he is emotionally devastated and packs his things. While walking through the woods, Panic is attacked by a tick. He fights it off, but its head manages to burrow in. He stumbles onto Sir and Jerry’s marijuana farm, and Sir shoots Panic, but accidentally causes a propane tank to explode, causing a forest fire.

Panic arrives at the cabin to warn the others that Jerry and Sir shot him just before he dies.