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Darker Places - Parke Godwin

Darker Places is a novel written by Parke Goodwin. It was first published in 1980.


DARKER PLACES is a tale that delves into the darkest recesses of the human mind and spirit. Neil O'Fallon is an actor who comes home from an out-of-town engagement to find out his ex-girlfriend was brutally murdered. The police have put him at the top of the list of suspects, but even Neil is unsure how this could have happened... or who could have wanted such a bright and beautiful young woman dead. Until Neil begins to pick up clues as he gathers Kit's things to send to her family. Pieces of poetry and excerpts of conversations that might lead to the White Rosary... the path of destruction Kit had wandered. A path of sex and cruelty, a seductive path that Neil is determined to follow.