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Danny Strode, portrayed by Devin Gardner, is a character in the film Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers.

Danny is the six-year-old son of Kara Strode, and lives in the Myers House with his mother, uncle, and grandparents. Danny's grandfather John Strode is abusive towards him and his mother, referring to Danny as a "bastard". Danny sleeps in Michael Myers' old bedroom and is being taunted by the "Man in Black", who is the leader of a druid cult, saying "Kill for him". As a result, he draws violent pictures including the Mark of Thorn, symbolizing an ancient druid curse that was inflicted on Michael by this cult.

On Halloween, he is befriended by Tommy Doyle, who lives across the street from him. Tommy warns Kara of the danger she and her family are in if they remain in the Myers house, and is proven right when Michael massacres the other Strodes. Danny was to be the next child inflicted with the curse of Thorn, but is seated away in the meantime while the man in black Dr. Terence Wynn and a team of surgeons perform a medical procedure in the operating room. This is interrupted when Michael bursts into the operating room at the last minute slaughtering Dr. Wynn's staff and possibly Wynn as well.

Danny later helps his mother and Tommy protect Jamie Lloyd's newborn son Stephen from Michael and Dr. Wynn and his staff at Smith's Grove Sanitarium. The four survive the night, and leave Smith's Grove at the end of the film. Danny Strode is also the adoptive first cousin once removed of Laurie Strode, the maternal second cousin of Jamie Lloyd, and the second cousin twice removed or third cousin of Laurie Strode's grandson and Jamie Lloyd's son, Steven Lloyd.