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Sgt. Dan Lope, played by Demián Bichir, is a character in the film Alien: Covenant.

Lope is the ranking military officer aboard the Covenant who is married to Sergeant Tom Hallett. Lope leads the excursion on the planet's surface to the crashed Engineer ship. On the journey back to the lander, Lope notices Hallett's condition deteriorating, which alarms him.

Upon reaching the lander, the ship explodes and a Neomorph attacks while another bursts from his husband's throat. A Neomorph attacks Lope when David 8 intervenes and leads the survivors to his base, where Lope discovers Shaw's corpse. He is attacked by a Facehugger, but he is quickly and seemingly saved by Cole, who manages to cut it off him, though his face is severely burned by the acid in the process.

As Cole is killed by a now mature Alien, Lope escapes with the other survivors to the cargo lander. Aboard Covenant, Lope receives medical treatment, but dies when an Alien erupts from his chest, revealing that despite the short time that the Facehugger was on him, it succeeded in impregnating him.