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Connie is a fictional character in the comic book series The Walking Dead and the television series of the same name, where she is portrayed by Lauren Ridloff. In both universes, Connie is part of a small group of roaming survivors which is led by Magna, and is the first deaf character in the entire universe of The Walking Dead; the actress who plays her, Lauren Ridloff is deaf in real life.

Comic book series

Connie is part of a group of survivors from Richmond who joins the Alexandria Safe-Zone two years after the fall of Negan and the Saviors. At the beginning of the apocalypse, Connie is one of many survivors who arrive at a nursing home near Washington D.C. As they moved through the east side of Washington, a massive herd of walkers that was being routed by Jesus and other residents of Alexandria took Magna's group by surprise, causing them to lose their trailer and other belongings, as well as one of its members.

After being rescued and taken to Alexandria, Connie and her group were interviewed by Rick and Andrea in order to allow them to stay, and although at first they felt comfortable with the community they soon began to distrust the idyllic life they led. When Rick is absent in Alexandria, Connie and the group discover a prison. They find Negan, who tells them that Rick and his people are animals that torture him and begs them to release him, but Magna refused as she knew that Negan was lying.

During the war against the Whisperers, like Magna, Connie was a very important member of the militia, helping them win the war against the Whisperers.

Television series

Season 9

Connie appears for the first time in the episode "What Comes After" while escaping from a herd of walkers. Connie, like the rest of her group, defended themselves from the walkers while trying to escape, although they ended up being surrounded by them and subsequently rescued by an unknown person. Making their way through the wood, Connie and her group went into the forest and discovered a little girl who had rescued them; she later introduced herself as Judith Grimes.

In the episode "Who Are You Now?", after meeting the rest of Judith's group and being taken to her community, the arrival of Connie and her group was not well received by Michonne, who reminded Aaron that he did not have the right to allow other groups to enter Alexandria, but eventually she reluctantly agreed that the fate of newcomers in the community would be decided by the council. Inside Father Gabriel's church, Connie and her group were questioned with questions about their profession before the outbreak began and the things they did to survive; and despite making good impressions to the council members with their responses, the story told by Magna questioned Michonne, who showed that the woman had spent a long time in prison for the tattoos she had on her hand and if was not enough, she forced her to deliver the knife she had hidden in her belt. The council then decided that newcomers will be allowed to stay in the community for one night in order to rest and leave the next day; and while they settled in their temporary home, Connie criticized Magna's way of thinking about her guests and strongly opposed her plan to take all the supplies of the community before leaving. The next day, as they prepared to return to the weather, Connie thanked Judith between signs for everything she had done for her group, and before she could leave the community, Michonne arrived just in time to inform Connie and her group that would undertake the trip to another safe place where they would be allowed to live.

In the episode "Stradivarius", as they made their way to the Hilltop, Connie and the rest of her group made a stop at the place where they were attacked by the herd of walkers and took advantage of the moment to collect all their stuff that they had left behind when they escaped from the herd - among them Bernie's belongings - with which Yumiko tried to convince Magna to take them as a souvenir to her late friend. When Michonne declared that all the weapons they found from Magna's group would be taken by their group, causing Magna to become hostile as she is against the woman's decision, Yumiko became the voice of reason in the middle of the discussion and proposed to her entire group to accept Michonne's terms instead of starting a fight. After spending the night in an abandoned factory and suddenly being ambushed by a pack of walkers, Connie claimed her weapons to defend herself and with the use of her bow, she ended up with several walkers that crossed her path; making their way to the horses to escape the undead and finding the zombified Bernie among them. Back on the highway, Connie along with Yumiko try to comfort Magna after witnessing their friend turned into a walker, and also were comforted by Michonne, who confessed that she understood the pain of losing someone she considered part of the family.

In the episode "Evolution", after arriving at the Hilltop and reluctantly surrendering their weapons to enter, the fate of Connie and her group within the walls was put on hold by Tara, who informed the newcomers that they could settle in their facilities while they waited for the Jesus' arrival to make a final decision regarding if they could stay in the community. While discussing the strange nickname of the community's leader, Connie and her group met Carol, who personally introduced herself to her with sign language.

In the episode "Omega", after discovering in the wood the horses that belonged to Luke and Alden who were missing, Connie and her friends were surprised by several walkers who emerged from the woods and without further choice were forced to return to Hilltop for their safety, except for Kelly, who in tears opposed the idea and remembering the time Luke rescued them in Coalport and was later comforted by his sister, who ordered Magna and Yumiko to move forward without them while helping Kelly to recover. Once arrived to the community, Connie separated from her sister when she was captured and escorted by the guards, Connie saw the arrival of Alpha and her group at the gates of the community who demanded that they have to give her her daughter. She then decided to hide herself in the cornfield as she didn't make it in time to get inside the Hilltop.

In the episode "Bounty", hidden in the cornfield, Connie watches as Alpha signals for more Whisperers to show up and nearly gets spotted by a Whisperer until they walk away. Later, Connie watches as a herd arrives and Alpha instructs her people to draw them away. Luke spots Connie in the cornfields and signs behind his back for her to keep quiet. Suddenly, a Whisperer's baby starts crying, which attracts the walkers over. Alpha shrugs at the mother, indicating she should leave the baby to die. Alden and Luke scream for them not to but Alpha explains it's natural selection. Luke frantically signs Connie to grab the baby. Connie runs out of the cornfield, sling-shots a walker, and grabs it. The Whisperers around her unsheathe blades as Connie escapes back into the cornfield. Daryl runs in and kills the walkers around her while Kelly, Tammy, and Earl step in to rescue her. She is then escorted inside Hilltop. At night, Connie watches in thought as her companions drink and celebrate Luke's safety. A while later, she goes outside and sits by a table to write something. Suddenly, she notices Daryl getting ready to leave and stops him. He explains he is going in search of Henry and she writes him a note, claiming that she wants to tag along. Daryl reluctantly agrees and they set off.

In the episode "Guardians", in the woods, Connie and Daryl look for Henry and realize that the Whisperers caught up with him. They kill some walkers and Daryl orders his dog to bring him the bolt back, but he refuses. Connie smiles as Daryl calls him a bad dog. Later, she and Daryl watch from some bushes as some Whisperers draw a herd to devour some corpses. At night, Connie and Daryl, dressed as Whisperers, lure the herd into the Whisperers' camp. In the middle of the chaos, Connie and Daryl grab Henry, who grabs Lydia, and together they escape.

In the episode "Chokepoint", back in the woods, following their daring escape from the Whisperers, Daryl blames Lydia for getting them into this mess and says she can't go with them back to Hilltop. Connie and Henry refuse to leave her behind and run off with her in another direction. Daryl reluctantly follows them. At dawn, Connie and Daryl devise a plan to use an office building as a means of separating the Whisperers from the undead. Lydia warns Daryl that Alpha's going to send Beta, who's their best fighter. "We'll kill him first", Daryl promises. Inside the office building, Connie reveals to Daryl that her group used the building to hide supplies and they argue about how they should proceed afterwards, with Connie saying Lydia should come back with them because they have more to lose than her. Later, Lydia spots a group of walkers/whisperers emerge from the bushes. In the middle of the group is Beta, who quietly instructs his people to spread out as Daryl shoots one of them with his crossbow. Beta and his people break in and quickly discover a trap meant to separate them from the dead. Meanwhile, Daryl makes Lydia hide in a closet as the Whisperers creep upstairs. Henry knocks one of them out as Connie slingshots another, before going to hunt down the others. Suddenly, a Whisperer stabs Henry in the leg, but is then tackled by Daryl's dog. Connie finishes it off as Lydia breaks out and goes to help Henry. Afterward, Connie draws the herd away with her slingshot and Daryl tells the others they're headed to Alexandria to get Henry help because it's closer. However, he doesn't intend to stay and they will instead keep moving on.

In the episode "Scars", Connie arrives at Alexandria with Daryl, Henry, and Lydia. From a guardpost, Michonne tells Daryl she's skeptical of Lydia but he assures her she's on their side. Inside, Connie tells Michonne that she's thankful to her for everything. At night, Connie, Daryl, Henry, and Lydia leave for the Kingdom. The next day, Connie, Daryl, Henry, and Lydia encounter Michonne and Judith in the woods and join them on their way towards the Kingdom.

In the episode "The Calm Before", Connie and the group arrive at the Kingdom as the fair starts. She runs to her sister and hugs her, before embracing her whole group. Later, Connie says goodbye to Yumiko and Magna as they prepare to leave the Kingdom to go to Hilltop and leave some soldiers in case of a possible attack. She also says goodbye to Daryl and promises him to watch after his dog until he returns. In the fair, Connie apologizes to Kelly for leaving in a rush and confess she saved the baby because she still hasn't moved on from a past trauma. Later, Connie and Kelly try to help Earl look for Tammy around the fair. The next day, in the Kingdom, Connie is in the crowd as Siddiq delivers the tragic news, tells them how brave everyone was in their final moments and how he was intentionally kept alive to tell this very story. He encourages everyone to remember the fallen.

Season 10

In the season premiere "Lines We Cross", some months after the blizzard, Connie and the Coalition form a militia in order to train the several residents of the communities to face any future threats. She takes part in a training exercise on Oceanside beach. As Ezekiel and Jerry methodically release walkers from a shipwrecked boat, Connie and the other militia work together as a unit to take out the walker threat. Later on, Connie helps the Oceanside residents pull some fishing nets from the sea. Kelly tells Connie she's worried her gradual hearing loss will prevent her from translating for her. Connie assures her that she'll be okay and they should see their deafness as a superpower. Suddenly, Dog runs over with Daryl following behind. Kelly gives Connie a look suggesting she and Daryl are into each other, but Connie just rolls her eyes. Connie then walks to the dock to deliver Dog to Daryl with a note saying, "Think you lost something." He communicates with her in ASL. Connie is impressed and tells him that he signs with a southern accent. When Carol arrives on a boat, Connie greets her with a hug. That night, Connie and the others decide to cross Alpha's border to put out the fire and avoid it burning down Oceanside. They discover the remains of the satellite and start combating the fire. Some use water while others dig a means to prevent the fire from spreading until the morning arrives. The group runs out of water as a herd of walkers approaches the group. With their backs to the fire, the group prepares for a fight. Connie and the group take their formations and start fighting off the herd. As they keep killing the walkers, Daryl tosses an axe to cut a tree down and have it fall onto some walkers. Later, the fire is put out and everyone recovers. She then helps out Eugene scrap the fallen satellite for any valuable part.

In the episode "Silence the Whisperers", Connie is alerted to the commotion of a tree falling onto a house and a portion of Hilltop's walls. Luke wonders if the Whisperers are responsible, and Connie is left thinking about that. She then helps the other residents rescue the trapped injured from the rubble. The next day, the residents realize that a small herd has arrived outside the community walls. Connie and a group head outside to fight them off. That night, Connie and the other residents kill the incoming walkers with the help of the Alexandria convoy when the herd invades the community. The following morning, Connie hugs Luke goodbye advising him to be safe as he rides with the parting group towards Oceanside and watches as they leave the community.

In the episode "What It Always Is", Connie helps serve food to the residents as she notices Daryl and Siddiq arriving at the Hilltop. When the hunting group returns back, Connie expresses concern about Kelly's whereabouts. Oscar informs that she volunteered to stay back and she would return later. Connie looks concerned as Daryl listens nearby. Later that day, Connie and Daryl search for Kelly around the woods. As Connie grows worried for her sister, Daryl tells her a story about how he saved his brother Merle from drowning during a fishing trip but was chastised for not getting the beer off the lake. They laugh over the story and hold hands. Suddenly, Dog finds the remains of a boar. They hear a noise behind them and find Magna. Sometime later, the group manages to find an exhausted Kelly lying under a tree. As they give her water, Kelly insists to Magna they tell Daryl and Connie about the supplies they've been taking. Daryl is mad about them hiding the supplies and Connie suggests they lie and say they found it in the woods. When the group later arrives back at Hilltop, Connie informs Yumiko of the recent events. That night, Connie finds Daryl as he is preparing to head back to Alexandria and apologizes for involving him with Kelly and Magna's lie. He claims to understand because they are her family. She then says she considers him family too and smiles as he drives off, however, her smile quickly drops.

In the episode "The World Before", Connie is part of the group from Hilltop to meet up with Daryl, Carol, and Aaron in the woods to go find the horde following Gamma's intel. When Daryl thanks her for helping, she smiles and pulls out a pre-written note saying "anything for us". That night, the group crosses one of the borders in the woods to continue their mission. The next day, the group arrives at the location of the horde in a clearing only to find it's empty, so they leave to go search for the missing Lydia. When Carol chases after Alpha into a dark building, Connie and the others follow her inside. The group then falls below a cave into a trap where they find themselves surrounded by most of the herd.

In the episode "Squeeze", Connie and Magna are trapped in the cave when a dynamite explosion collapses the exit. In the episode "Walk With Us," Magna makes her way back to Hilltop and reveals that she and Connie had escaped by using walker guts to hide among the herd. However, they got separated and Magna doesn't know if Connie survived or not.

In the episode "A Certain Doom", Virgil finds an exhausted but still alive Connie near Oceanside.