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Name: Charles Lee Ray
Gender: Male
Known Relatives: Tiffany (wife)
Glen Ray (son)
Glenda Ray (daughter)
Portrayed By: Brad Dourif
Mark Hamill


  • Vivian Van Pelt: Strangled and then dumped into a lake. Mentioned.
  • Daniel Pierce: Drowned. Mentioned.
  • Tiffany's Mother - Killed
  • Minna Ray: Suffocated with a plastic bag
  • Unknown Victim 1 - Killed
  • Unknown Victim 2 - Killed
  • Unknown Victim 3 - Killed
  • Unknown Victim 4 - Killed
  • Unknown Victim 5 - Killed
  • Unknown Victim 6 - Killed
  • Unknown Victim 7 - Killed
  • Unknown Victim 8 - Killed
  • Unknown Victim 9 - Killed
  • Unknown Victim 10 - Killed
  • Unknown Victim 11 - Killed
  • Unknown Victim 12 - Killed
  • Unknown Victim 13 - Killed
  • Unknown Victim 14 - Killed
  • Unknown Victim 15 - Killed
  • Unknown Victim 16 - Killed
  • Unknown Victim 17 - Killed
  • Unknown Victim 18 - Killed
  • Maggie Peterson: Thrown Hammer to the eye which caused her to fall to her death from the nearby window.
  • Eddie Caputo: Incinerated from a bullet-generated gas explosion.
  • John Bishop: Voodoo bone breaking and stabbing.
  • Dr. Ardmore: Electrocuted to death from a Zapper Helmet.
  • Technician: Electrocuted to death at the Play Pals' Manufacturing Observation Room.
  • Mattson: Suffocated with a Plastic Bag while driving a Car.
  • Ms. Kettlewell : Severely beaten to death with a ruler.
  • Phil Simpson: Neck snap after falling down into the basement.
  • Joanne Simpson: Throat slit. Offscreen.
  • Grace Poole: Stabbed in the chest at the Orphanage after picking Chucky up.
  • Technician: Eyes crushed with the Good Guy's Eye Filler Machine.
  • Christopher Sullivan: Strangulated with Yo-Yo.
  • Garbage Man: Crushed to death inside his garbage truck.
  • Colonel Cochrane: Heart attack upon seeing Chucky.
  • Sgt. Botnick: Slit throat with Razor.
  • Brett Campbell Shelton: Killed by one of the real bullets that Chucky inserted in the soldiers' rifles.
  • Harold Whitehurst: Jumps on a thrown grenade from Chucky to save everyone else.
  • Carnival's Security Guard: Killed gunshot. Offscreen.
  • Damien Baylock: Forcefully removal of the chin piercing and suffocated with pillow.
  • Tiffany Valentine (human): Electrocuted
  • Officer Norton: Killed inside Police Car via explosion.
  • Phone Booth: Explosion by Chucky
  • Chief Warren Kincaid: Stabbed in Jesse's van.
  • David Plummens: Freaks out upon seeing Chucky and Tiffany is ran over by a truck.
  • RV Owners: Shot in the head by Chucky and/or Tiffany. Offscreen.
  • RV Owners: Shot in the head by Chucky and/or Tiffany. Offscreen.
  • Cemetary's Caretaker: Shot in the head.
  • Tony Gardner: Decapitation by Chucky and Tiffany using a razor wire.
  • Lifeguard: Buried in sand.
  • Taxi Driver: Ran over by Taxi.
  • Vacation Victim #1: Ran over by Bus.
  • Vacation Victim #2: Hung from Tower by rope.
  • Vacation Victim #3: Arms cut off and fell off cliff.
  • Vacation Victim #4: Either hack apart, or arms and legs hanging out of twine ball
  • Vacation Victim #5: He appears to have had his arms amputated, causing him to fall off a cliff to his death. (off-screen)
  • Pizza Delievery Man: Killed with a Power Tool. Offscreen.
  • Britney Spears: Ran off the road with Redman's stolen Hummer vehicle and her car exploded.
  • Mailman: Macheted in head by Chucky
  • Pizza Delievery: Impaled through back with carving fork by Chucky
  • Real Estate Woman: Smothered with bag by Chucky
  • Estate Woman's Dog - Suffocated with plastic bag by Chucky
  • Stan Franklin: Killed via saving Jenniffer Tilly from a Knife thrown by Chucky.
  • Sarah Pierce: Stabbed in the stomach with Scissors. Offscreen.
  • Man: Car crash by Chucky
  • Man: Car crash by Chucky
  • Father Frank: Killed via car accident after ingesting rat poison poured by Chucky on his dinner.
  • Jill: Electrocuted to death after Chucky pushes a bucket of water on the electric plug to the laptop.
  • Barb Pierce: Stabbed in her left eye.
  • Ian Pierce: Axe to the jaw.
  • Alice's Grandmother: Smothered with a plastic bag.
  • Alice Pierce: Killed off-screen by Chucky when his attempted soul transfer didn't work.
  • Angela: Wrists slit
  • Claire: Decapitated with falling glass
  • Madeline: Piece of spine pulled out through mouth
  • Carlos: Stabbed repeatedly in chest, drill in abdomen, stomach cut open
  • Dr. Foley: Head stomped numerous times
  • Ashley: Drilled in abdomen
  • Malcolm: Drilled through head
  • Mickey Rooney (Cat) - Killed by Chucky.
  • Shane - Face sliced off by Chucky activating a lawnmover, before being stabbed with a knife.
  • Gabe - Bisected by Chucky with a table saw.
  • Doreen Norris - Stabbed in the chest by Chucky.
  • Wes - Impaled by drone blades controlled by Chucky.
  • Jane - Throat slashed by Chucky.
  • Several unnamed Zed-Mart customers and employees - Killed by Kaslan products, including drones and Buddi dolls.
  • Detective Willis - Mauled by a Buddi 2 Bear doll controlled by Chucky.