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Christine "Chris" Higgins is a character in Friday the 13th Part III, played by Dana Kimmell.

A teenage girl who lives in the Crystal Lake area, Chris returns to her home three years after a traumatic experience. It is later revealed through flashback that Chris survived an attack by a disfigured man who turns out to be Jason Voorhees. Jason, who is still living in the forest, attacks her again at her summer home and murders her friends. Chris manages to hit Jason in the head with an axe, before suffering a hallucination of Jason's mother dragging her into the lake, similar to the ending of the first Friday the 13th. She is then taken away by the police, severely traumatized.

In the opening sequence of Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (which takes place the day after Part III), a mother is seen consoling her daughter in a hospital waiting room. Since the daughter is only seen from behind, the probable implication is that she is Chris.

In an alternate ending of Friday the 13th Part III, Chris's fate is changed; after hearing her boyfriend Rick's voice while canoeing to safety, Chris follows it to a cabin, only to be decapitated by an unmasked Jason, who is waiting inside.

In the 1982 novelization of the film, Chris, instead of striking Jason with an axe, decapitates him with a sickle, later falling unconscious and awakening in her own bed, with it being implicated by an attending doctor and police officer that the events of the previous night were simply delusions. Sneaking out of her room and to her barn after being left alone, Chris discovers both the place completely cleaned up and the bodies of her friends and the trio of bikers Jason had killed. After discovering the bodies, Chris is killed by Jason. The scene then shifts to the police officer who was guarding Chris who, after waking from a nap, enters Chris's room and finds her sleeping peacefully; after checking in on Chris, the officer listens to a radio broadcast that mentions the shopkeepers Jason had murdered earlier in the book, but makes no reference to any events having transpired at Higgins Haven.

Dana Kimmell has said that she only took the role of Chris due to the paycheck, stating she felt uncomfortable working on the movie, persuading executive producer Frank Mancuso to alter or remove several scenes involving gratuitous sexual or violent material. Her reason for taking the role is similar to that of Ted White taking the role of Jason in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.