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Charles McCulloch is a character in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan portrayed by Peter Mark Richman. A Biology teacher at Lakeview High School, McCulloch is a chaperone aboard the SS Lazarus; a ship bound for New York City for a senior class trip. Much to his chagrin, his coworker Colleen Van Deusen brings his niece Rennie Wickham along, who has a strong fear of water.

He ignores a deckhand's warning that Jason Voorhees is on board killing his students, stating that "Walking corpses don't exist" and he thinks the deckhand is responsible for the murders, until he discovers him dead from an axe to his back. McCulloch, along with Van Deusen, Rennie, Sean Robertson, Julius Gaw and Rennie's dog Toby escape the Lazarus and find their way to New York.

Later, Rennie steals a police car after the officer is killed. She hallucinates, seeing a young Jason. She drives the car at the vision but the car crashes, killing Colleen. Rennie then remembers that McCulloch was responsible for her fear of the water, by forcing her into Camp Crystal Lake to learn how to swim. Disgusted, Rennie and Sean leave him behind before Jason appears. McCulloch tries to run but he is thrown from a window like a rag doll. Jason then stuffs McCulloch into a toxic filled barrel and drowns him.