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Dr. Channard Cenobite.jpg
Name: Dr. Channard
Gender: Male
Portrayed By: Kenneth Cranham

The Channard Cenobite, played by Kenneth Cranham, is a character in the film Hellbound: Hellraiser II.

After Dr. Philip Channard was converted to a cenobite by Julia Cotton, he became very powerful. He's propelled by an appendage attached to his head that has blades constantly whirring in his skull, causing his speech to tremor.

When he approaches a weakened Pinhead, Female Cenobite, Chatterer, and Butterball, who had been reminded of their humanity by Kirsty Cotton, they are no match for Channard who quickly kills all four. He then gives chase to Kirsty. After following her into a hospital ward, he kills several hospital patients.

It's not until Kirsty can distract him and Tiffany solves the Lament Configuration that they are able to defeat him.