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The Door with Seven Locks is a 1940 British horror film, created and released shortly after the British Board of Film Censors lifted its mid-1930s ban on supernatural-themed and horror genre films. It was based on the 1926 novel The Door with Seven Locks by Edgar Wallace. Released in the United States by Monogram Pictures under the title Chamber of Horrors, it was the second Wallace film adaptation to arrive in the United States, the first being The Dark Eyes of London (called The Human Monster in the US), starring Bela Lugosi, which had been released the year before.


A wealthy lord dies and is entombed with a valuable deposit of jewels. Seven keys are required to unlock the tomb and get hold of the treasure. A series of mysterious events causes the keys to be scattered, and when trying to unravel the circumstances, the heiress of the fortune and her companion investigators become entangled in a web of fraud, deceit, torture, and murder.

It develops that the family physician Dr. Manetta is not entirely trustworthy. With the family chauffeur (a forger on the run) and the deaf-mute butler on his team; he murders two servants and the family lawyer Havelock while searching for the missing keys.

When Palmer arrives at the estate,the crooked servants lock her in Lord Selford's tomb before she can make her presence known. A pet monkey finds the key and releases her (one of several good deed the animal performs).

SUspicion about Dr.Manetta grows when it is discovered he idolizes Spanish Inquisition mastermind TORQUEMADA, and keeps a secret torture chamber in the basement. While attempting to avoid arrest, Manetta is trapped inside an automatic spiked mummy case. The authorities reluctantly rescue him.

Manetta makes a confession and then commits suicide by poison. He is proud that he killed himself using a goblet once owned by Lucretia Borgia.

The missing keys are found inside the tomb of Lord Selford--the one place Manetta didn't search because he didn't want to call attention to Palmer being held captive there