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Castlevania Chronicles is a platform video game developed by Konami for the PlayStation. It is a port of a game originally released in Japan for the Sharp X68000 home computer in 1993 as Akumajō Dracula. The Castlevania Chronicles port adds a number of features, including an Arranged Mode. Castlevania Chronicles is a remake of the original Castlevania for the NES, where the vampire hunter Simon Belmont must defeat Dracula and save Transylvania. It was also released for the PlayStation Network as a PSone Classic in December 2008.


Castlevania (X68000) is a game based on Castlevania, with a new engine designed to take advantage of the Sharp X68000 hardware. The game is updated, including familiar stages that have been redesigned, as well as new stages altogether. It contains all of the special items and sub-weapons from the original game, as well as a rare item known as the herb, which refills six health blocks for 10 hearts. Castlevania Chronicles is notable for its high difficulty level.[citation needed]

Like the original Castlevania game, hidden items worth points and hidden 1-ups will appear throughout the game if the player ducks or stands in particular portions of a level. Another notable feature is the multiple loops after the game is completed. Previous Castlevania games had increased difficulty for the game's second playthrough. An increased amount of damage taken from enemies in earlier levels as well as new enemy placement and attack patterns were just a few things to make the second playthrough more difficult. This game, however, has as many as six additional playthroughs with each one becoming much more difficult than the last.

Completing "Arrange Mode" unlocks special features including an art gallery as well as a "Time Attack Mode". Exclusive to the U.S. and European versions of Chronicles, the art gallery features artwork by Ayami Kojima for Chronicles and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, as well as an interview with Koji Igarashi (IGA). The "Time Attack Mode" allows the player to race through any stage, complete with a time meter, to beat their best time.