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Camp Crystal Lake was first featured in Friday the 13th.

The camp has had a long history of death and disaster. In 1957, young Jason Voorhees, was thought to have drowned while the camp counselors who were supposed to be watching him were having sex in a cabin. His mother, Pamela, who was working at the camp at the time sought revenge.

In 1958, she murdered Barry Jackson and Claudette Hayes, who were just about to have sex in the loft of a cabin. The camp was shut down.

In 1962, the camp was re-opened, but the ground water was found to be toxic, prompting the camp to shut down again.

In 1979, Steve Christy attempted to re-open the camp once again, but the events of Friday the 13th occurred, resulting in the deaths of eight people, including Pamela Voorhees, who died by decapitation in self-defense by Alice Hardy. The camp was once again shut down, seemingly permanently.

In 1984, Steve Holt attempted to open a new camp on the shore of Crystal Lake, in an area neighboring the old Camp Crystal Lake. Camp Crystal Lake was cordoned off and forbidden. But Jason Voorhees, seemingly surviving his drowning episode in 1957, returned to kill the new counselors as punishment for killing his mother.

In 2003, someone once again tried to revive the location. Crystal Lake Estates was under construction when the events of Freddy vs. Jason took place. Charlie Linderman and Kia Waterson were both killed at the camp as Jason fought Freddy Krueger, destroying a good deal of property.

The camp was also used in a simulation in Jason X in order to confuse Jason onboard The Grendel.