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Burgomaster Vogal, played by Lionel Belmore, is a character in the 1931 film Frankenstein.

Baron Frankenstein had Burgomaster Vogel make preparations for Dr. Henry Frankenstein and Elizabeth Lavenza's wedding. Vogel prepared the entire village.

Later, while Henry was away, creating the Monster, Vogel was told that there may not even be a wedding. But after the Monster was created, and Henry left Dr. Waldman to destroy it, he came back home and the wedding was nearly underway.

However just as the wedding was to begin Ludwig came to the village carrying his dead daughter Maria, who the Monster had thrown into a lake, mistakenly thinking she'd float.

Vogel organized a search party for the Monster. The party tracked him down, rescued the kidnapped Henry, and burned down the old mill where the Monster was hiding.