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Bloodbeat (1982) home video cover

Bloodbeat (also spelled Blood Beat) is a 1982 supernatural slasher film written and directed by Fabrice-Ange Zaphiratos and starring Helen Benton, Terry Brown, Claudia Peyton, James Fitzgibbons, and Dana Day. The plot focuses on a young couple attending a family gathering for Christmas in a rural home when a spirit wearing samurai armor begins killing members of the family—two of whom have psychic abilities—and their neighbors.

The film is an international co-production of the United States and France, and was shot in Wisconsin. In October 2017, it was restored and released on DVD and Blu-ray by Vinegar Syndrome.


Sarah accompanies her new boyfriend, Ted, at his family's farmhouse in rural Wisconsin for Christmas. Ted's artist mother, Cathy, immediately senses a psychic connection with Sarah that she cannot explain, which perturbs Sarah. Sarah goes with Ted, his mother's boyfriend Gary, his sister Dolly, and his uncle Peter, on a hunting excursion in the woods. Sarah becomes upset when they prepare to shoot a deer, and flees into the woods. While running through a grove of trees, Sarah is confronted by a man who has been eviscerated, and who grabs onto her before dying. Police and paramedics arrive to recover the body of the man, whom none of them can identify.

Disturbed by the incident, Sarah goes to bed early. Cathy tells Ted that she has seen Sarah before in visions. Late that night, Sarah opens a trunk to find samurai armor and a sword; Ted and Cathy find her awake in her bedroom, and assure her that the experience was a dream. Sarah, unable to sleep, momentarily joins the rest of the family in the living room. Peter drives to town, but his truck crashes. He is approached by a figure, and his throat is slashed.

Meanwhile, the family's next-door neighbors Paul and Christie are attacked by a ghostly samurai armed with a sword inside their home, while Sarah levitates in her bed. Christie is impaled in the kitchen, and Paul escapes in his van upon finding her body. When his van breaks down, Paul flees on foot back to Cathy's house, pursued by the samurai. At the front door, the family find Paul's bloodied body. Soon, the house becomes subject to violent poltergeist activity. The telephone melts, and Gary is rendered unconscious when various kitchen utensils and items are hurled at him.

Ted and Dolly rush upstairs to retrieve Sarah, and find the hall illuminated by a pulsing blue light. Ted and Dolly are then locked in a closet. Downstairs, Cathy attempts to communicate with the spirit attacking the house, while the home's lights and appliances surge wildly. After some time, the paranormal activity ceases, and Dolly and Ted are freed from the closet, while Gary regains consciousness. Outside, the samurai attacks and kills three men by a campfire. Meanwhile, in the house, Ted and Sarah have sex.

At dawn, Dolly goes to search for Ted, who has disappeared into the woods, and is attacked by the samurai. Gary and Ted both hear her screams, and Gary saves her by bludgeoning the samurai with an axe. Gary returns home with the samurai's armor, which Cathy and Dolly urge him to burn, but he refuses, telling them he must turn it into police. Moments later, Ted finds Sarah burning a photo in her bedroom with pyrokinesis, and she throws him across the room using telekinetic powers. Cathy confronts Sarah, who she finds adorning herself in the samurai armor, and realizes that Sarah is a reincarnation of the warrior. Cathy attempts to overpower Sarah with her psychic ability, but Sarah stabs both her and Gary to death. Ted and Dolly enter the room, manifest their psychic abilities and together manage to defeat Sarah before leaving the house.