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Blood Games is a story by Richard Laymon first published in 1992. It was partnered with Alarums in volume 8 of the Richard Laymon Collection.


They meet up for one week every year: Helen, Cora, Vivian, Finley and Abilene - five former co-eds in search of thrills and adventure. Just like they enjoyed together at college. This time it's Helen's choice. Helen, the fat girl with a taste for horror, the brainy one with a fear of being caught alone in the shower by an unknown assailant with a sharp knife and a thirst for blood... For this year's reunion, Helen has picked The Totem Pole Lodge, a deserted hotel in the backwoods with a sinister past. She's looking forward to the moment when she'll tell the others the gory details. But that's before night falls and the girls find the Lodge is not as deserted as they thought. And before Helen goes into the shower. Alone.


To be Added


  • A flashback sequence to the protagonists'college days reveals that they shared a campus with a frat house known as the "Sigs". In Flesh, there is a brief mention of a frat house known as Sigma Chi. It's possible they are one and the same.
  • "The blood is the life" was a line that was originally used by the villain Schreck in Out Are the Lights and is paraphrased here.
  • Laymon's "Mess Hall" short story is re-enacted in one chapter.