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Blood Atonement is a novel written by Sara Saint John. It was first published in 2006 by Samhain Publishing.


The Book of the Damned reads "Know ye this—a Merciful God hath provided release from the damning curse of vampirism. If the creature be righteous, loving truly and truly loved in return, God may grant he become human once more."

Sometimes God has terrible timing.

Szeretni’s days are spent translating occultic texts, her nights dreaming of romance. Shunned by Society because of family madness, she despairs of finding a man with which to share her life. Then she meets the enigmatic Baron Matthias Corvinus and she dares to hope love has found her at last.

Once great king Matthias Corvinus has lost his faith in love. Three hundred years before, Vlad Dracula changed him into a vampire, aided by a woman’s betrayal. When Matthias finds himself drawn to the innocent Szeretni, he wonders if she too will betray him. And when again Dracula makes his presence known, Matthias must save the woman he’s come to love, before Vlad makes her his prey.