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Berserker Predator

The Berserker Predator, played by Brian Steele, is a character in the film Predators.

The Berserker is a large, black Super Predator with an Alien's jawbone built onto its mask. This Predator is the leader of the group and the main antagonist of the 2010 film.

He likes to run and bash through forces, such as in the scene where he is being shot at, he runs straight through the shots. Also, unlike many Predators, he has no sense of honor and instead takes immense pleasure in killing unarmed or sick prey, something which normal Predators find dishonorable and unsportsmanlike. He likes to appear right in front of his prey.

Upon finding out the captive Predator has been freed by Royce and is collaborating with him, he fights the freed Predator and decapitates him. After this, he immediately destroys the spaceship heading for Earth. Berserker is decapitated by Royce after having its mask smashed and being repeatedly slashed by an axe Royce acquires.