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Bennette Samuel "Ben" Tramer, played by Jack Verbois, is a character in the 1981 film Halloween II.

Ben attends Haddonfield High School with Laurie Strode. It is revealed by Laurie in the original Halloween film that she has a crush on Ben when she tells Annie Wilkes that she would like to go to the dance with him. Later in the film, Annie tells Laurie that she called Ben and told him, and that he was interested. However, Laurie is embarrassed by this and asks Annie to call him back and tell him that she was only kidding. But Annie tells Laurie that she would only consider doing so if she babysits Lindsey Wallace while she goes to pick up her boyfriend, to which Laurie agrees.

In the sequel, someone in a very similar but varied mask (the variation being that the hair attached to Ben's mask is blond and not brunette as Michael's mask is) as Michael Myers runs into the street without looking and gets hit by a squad car which pins him to another vehicle that bursts into flames, leading to his death. At the morgue, a dentist is unable to match the burnt victim's teeth to Michael's due to the body's state and a lack of resources. Later on, two teenage boys run up to Deputy Gary Hunt, who is standing in front of the old Myers House with Dr. Sam Loomis, to report the Halloween mask-wearing Ben Tramer as being drunk and missing in action. This leads Dr. Loomis to believe the teenager was indeed the victim, and to suggest that the dentist should confirm this.