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Be Careful What You Wish For... is a Goosebumps television episode adapted from the R. L. Stine novella of the same name. It was written by Charles Lazer and directed by René Bonnière. It first aired August 10, 1996.


Clumsy 12-year-old Samantha "Fly Away" Byrd (as dubbed by the bully, Judith Bellwood) helps a strange woman named Clarissa find her way home. The woman gives Samantha an amulet that grants wishes – but Samantha learns that any wish granted, when not careful with the wording, comes with a price.

In the end, she decides to wish everything back to normal. Samantha decides her friends and family are important and discards the amulet, which is found by Judith. When she makes a vain wish to be beautiful and looked at forever, it literally turns Judith into a park statue.