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Azrael Jasonx

Azrael Benrubi, played by Dov Tiefenbach, is a character in the film Jason X.

Azrael is one of several students on The Grendel on a field trip to Earth headed by Professor Braithwaite Lowe. Azrael and a few others enter the Crystal Lake Research Facility and find Rowan LaFontaine frozen. After getting a frozen mug stuck to his fingertips, Azrael knocks it against the cryo freezer pod, causing it to open. Jason Voorhees, still frozen inside, rocks forward and severs Azrael's arm. Kay-Em 14 sedates him and stems the bleeding.

When they return to The Grendel, the nanobots in the medical lab restore his missing arm.

Later Azrael is playing a virtual video game with Private Dallas. Jason shows up and destroys the virtual targets. Azrael thinks it's part of the program and is confused when it won't pause when he tells it to. He takes off his virtual helmet and sees Jason who nearly kills him. Dallas intervenes, causing Jason to throw Azrael aside. Azrael then jumps on Jason's back who then breaks his back over his knee.