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Angela Franklin is a fictional character from the Night of the Demons series of films. She is the only character to have appeared in every film in the series.

Created by screenwriter Joe Augustyn and portrayed by actress Amelia Kinkade in three films between 1988 and 1997, she is a young woman possessed by a demon, and attacks her victims if they enter the property of Hull House.

Angela is commonly identified by her black wedding dress, and her seductive, trance-seducing erotic dancing. But then just as quickly her disfigured face, burnt flesh caused by obsession of setting various body parts on fire, yellow glowing eyes, jagged teeth, and her deep maniacal voice. Wizard magazine rated her the 25th-greatest villain.

Angela is portrayed by Amelia Kinkade in all three of the original films. The character was renamed Angela Feld in the 2009 remake, in which she is portrayed by Shannon Elizabeth.