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Angela Baker is the antagonist of the Sleepaway Camp film series. In Sleepaway Camp and Return to Sleepaway Camp she is portrayed by Felissa Rose. In Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers and Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland she is portrayed by Pamela Springsteen. In Sleepaway Camp 4: The Survivor she is portrayed by Carrie Chambers.


Sleepaway Camp

When a tragic boat accident killed John Baker, Angela was taken in by her mentally deranged Aunt Martha Thomas. When she was 14, she and her cousin Ricky Thomas were sent to Camp Arawak.

Angela's introverted nature makes her a target for ridicule and bullying, mostly from her bunkmate Judy and their counselor Meg. Angela's other counselor Susie and the camp's head counselor Ronnie do what they can to help.

Head cook Artie attempts to molest Angela, but Ricky catches him, and Ricky and Angela run out. Later, an unseen figure causes Artie to knock over a pot of boiling water and severely scald himself. Camp owner Mel Costic calls it an accident.

When campers Kenny and Mike mock Angela, Ricky and his friend Paul fight them. Paul befriends Angela. When Kenny drowns, his death is ruled accidental at Mel's insistence, although Ronnie Angelo and police officer Frank express doubt. Paul asks Angela to attend a film with him. After campers Billy and Mike throw water balloons at Angela, Billy is stung to death when someone traps him in a bathroom stall and drops a hive of bees in it. Mel suspects a killer is in the camp.

Angela and Paul's relationship is strained when Paul kisses her. Angela has a flashback to when she and her sibling witnessed their father in bed with Lenny. The flashback goes further showing both of the siblings pointing to another whilst in bed. At this point, Angela wakes up from the flashback and recoils from Paul's advances and runs away. Judy seduces Paul and Angela finds them kissing. Paul attempts to explain himself to Angela at the lake, but Judy and Meg shoo him away and throw Angela into the water. After Ricky rescues Angela, children fling sand at them. Ricky comforts Angela and swears revenge on her aggressors.

Meg is stabbed to death in the shower while getting ready to meet Mel. At that night’s social, Paul apologizes to Angela and she asks him to meet her at the waterfront later. Mel finds Meg's body and is convinced that Ricky is the killer. The children who threw sand at Angela and Ricky are camping in the woods with their counselor Eddie when two of them ask him to take them back to the main camp. He returns to find the four remaining children hacked to death with his hatchet. Back at the camp, the killer enters Judy's cabin and murders her using a hot curling iron while smothering her with a pillow. The camp is thrown into a panic. Thinking Ricky is the killer, Mel beats him mercilessly, only to be shot in the throat with an arrow by the real killer.

Frank is called and searches with the counselors for the missing campers. Paul is at the beach with Angela, who suggests they go skinny dipping. Frank discovers Ricky unconscious but alive. Ronnie and Susie find Angela sitting on the beach and humming, with Paul, whose head appears to be resting on her lap as she strokes his hair.

A flashback shows Aunt Martha welcoming the survivor of the boat accident into her home. It is revealed that Angela died in the accident, Aunt Martha took custody of Peter, and she raised him as a girl. Back in the present, Angela, or rather, Peter, leaps to his feet holding a hunting knife, allowing Paul's severed head to fall on the ground, standing nude and blood-covered with a frozen expression while growling like an animal before the horrified Susie and Ronnie.

Sleepaway Camp II

Five years after the events of the first film, a girl, Phoebe, tells a group of boys at a campfire about the killings at Camp Arawak. Her head counselor, Angela, forces her to go back to the cabin. After the pair get into an argument, Angela hits Phoebe over the head with a log before cutting out her tongue. The next day, campers Molly Nagle, Ally, Mare, Demi, Lea, and sisters Brooke and Jodi Shote, question Angela on the whereabouts of Phoebe. She tells them she had to send her home.

Later that day, Angela discovers Brooke and Jodi smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol. Afterwards, Brooke wakes up on a grill and discovers Jodi's charred remains. Angela then pours gasoline over Brooke and burns her to death as well. That night, the boys start a panty raid where Mare flashes her breasts. Angela decides to drive her home and murders her with an electric drill.

The next night, camper counselors Anthony and Judd try to scare Angela, dressed as Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. The plan backfires when Angela, dressed as Leatherface, slashes Anthony's throat and murders Judd with a chainsaw. The next day, Angela sets a trap for Ally and forces her down an outhouse, drowning her in feces, urine, and leeches.

That night, Demi reveals to Angela that she phoned the families of the girls "sent home" and discovered the girls aren't at home. Realizing she could be caught, Angela strangles Demi with a guitar string, before stabbing Lea to death when she finds Demi's body.

The next day, head counselors Uncle John and T. C. fire Angela for "sending too many campers home". Molly and Sean Whitmore go into the woods to cheer her up but the pair discover the bodies of the other campers, before Angela ties them up. Learning the whereabouts of Molly and Sean, T. C. goes after them but Angela throws battery acid in his face, killing him. Sean is decapitated after he realizes Angela is the murderer from the Camp Arawak incident several years ago.

Later, Angela leaves the cabin and Molly frees herself. Upon returning, Molly knocks Angela out and escapes. After an extended chase through the woods, Molly falls onto a rock and is presumed dead.

After killing the remaining campers, Angela hitchhikes but the driver quickly annoys her and she kills her. Molly regains consciousness and makes it out of the woods but the truck pulls up behind her. Molly is horrified to learn that Angela is the driver and she screams.

Sleepaway Camp III

One year after the events of the second film, Maria Nacastro is heading to camp. Suddenly, she is chased into an alleyway and run over by a garbage truck, driven by Angela, who throws Maria's body into the back and compacts it. Angela poses as Maria in order to board the bus to Camp New Horizons.

After arriving, news reporter Tawny Richards asks Angela to get her some cocaine. Angela gives her Ajax cleaner instead, which kills Tawny when she snorts it. After the campers have settled in, camp counselors Herman and Lily Miranda and Officer Barney Whitmore split the campers into three groups. Angela is placed in a group with Herman Miranda, Snowboy, Peter Doyle and Jan Hernandez.

While camping, Angela, leaving Snowboy and Peter to fish, finds Herman and Jan having sex and kills them both with a stick. That night, Angela sets off a firecracker in Peter's nose and burns Snowboy alive, along with the other bodies.

The next morning, Angela travels to Lily's campsite, where Bobby Stark, Cindy Hammersmith, Riff and Arab are camping. Angela switches places with Arab and decapitates her with an axe. Lily sets the campers out on a trust building exercise where Angela attaches Cindy to a flag pole and drops her from a high height, killing her. Later, Angela buries Lily in a trash hole and runs over her head with a lawnmower. Angela then rips Bobby's arms off before stabbing Riff with tent spikes.

The following morning, Angela travels to the remaining camp, where Barney, Tony DeHerrera, Marcia Holland, Anita Bircham and Greg Nakashima are camping. Angela tells Barney she is supposed to switch with Marcia. Barney accompanies them and Angela fakes a leg injury. As Barney tends to Angela, Marcia discovers Lily's body, after Angela tells her that Lily is just doing nothing outside and for Marcia to see. Barney yells for Marcia to run. After a tense stand-off Angela shoots Barney dead. Angela catches up with Marcia and captures her.

That night, Angela ties the remaining campers together. She shows them the body of Barney and forces them to find Marcia in one of the cabins. Upon finding Marcia, Greg and Anita are killed by booby traps. Angela decides to let Marcia and Tony live but as she tries to leave Angela is stabbed numerous times by Marcia.

Marcia and Tony summon the police to the camp. Angela is taken to the hospital in an ambulance and she stabs a paramedic and a policeman with a syringe. When the ambulance driver asks what is going on, Angela replies "Just taking care of business" and the film ends.

Sleepaway Camp IV

In 1993, four years after the third film, Allison Kramer, is plagued by gruesome nightmares that revisit a campsite. Unable to recall the actual occurrences due to a forced mental block, she seeks the help of Dr. Lewis, a psychiatrist in overcoming her insomnia.

After numerous visits and hypnosis, Allison's psychiatrist tells her that she is seemingly a survivor of a camp massacre which occurred over a decade ago. Her disbelief of the whole situation inclines the psychiatrist to advise her to return to the site for an afternoon, in hopes that if she were to see the scene of the crime, she would remember and overcome them.

Doubtful, Allison sets out for the camp she attended but never remembered. When she reaches her destination she finds the camp closed and abandoned, the land now Federal Property. She reminisces about the events that occurred in the original trilogy. Allison narrates over many of these scenes. Archive footage from the first three films are organized into themes, such as Angela being afraid of water. Allison looks for a ranger, Jack, Dr. Lewis, told her to meet up with. The ranger tries to have sex with her, but Allison decides things are going too far and runs away. The ranger chases her through the woods. Allison stops as she can run no longer. She is found by a hunter, Eugene, who almost shoots her out of fear. Later on, she approaches the ranger with the hunter's gun and threatens to kill him if he doesn't stay away from her. She then returns to the hunter and shoots him. In the next scene, Allison is standing in the sun with a knife, which the sun is reflecting off of. The ranger approaches her, but she whirls around and the film freezes as she holds the knife near him. It then cuts to a cabin, where the hunter's and the ranger's decaying bodies can be seen. The credits then roll over the image.

It is then revealed (as implied in the opening crawl) that "Allison" is actually an amnesiac Angela Baker, the killer from the three previous films, being "a woman without identity," due to having been knocked out by an ambulance driver after the events of the third film, and asking "But who is Allison, really?", in addition to her having had flashbacks of certain scenes throughout the original trilogy that only Angela was present for or survived through, realizing her identity upon rediscovering all of her memories at the film's climax, before returning to the psychiatric clinic.

Return to Sleepaway Camp

In 2003, Alan Chambers is a boy who is at a summer camp at Camp Manabe. The movie shows that Alan is a socially awkward and immature teen with a slovenly appearance. He tries to act tough against small kids like Pee-Pee, but does this in anger as he is bullied by other kids. Among his abusers are his stepbrother Michael Dam and his friends Vinny and T. C. Dimas, and the girls at the camp, mainly a girl named Bella Boyd. Several boys are lighting farts one night. Alan tries, and after failing, he threatens the other boys, but is soon stopped by camp counselor, Randy Jillani. In the dining hall, Alan gets into a violent confrontation with Randy after he complains about the food. Ronnie Angelo, the head counselor (from Camp Arawak) who is nice to everyone including Alan, allows Alan to get something else to eat, but Alan gets in trouble with cook Mickey, who attacks Alan for taking an ice cream sandwich from the freezer. Alan throws a butcher knife at Mickey and the camp owner, Frank Kostic, argues with Alan. Alan runs away, with Michael chasing him. In the kitchen, Mickey is killed after being held above and dumped into the deep fryer. His body is dumped in the trash compactor.

During a social, Alan is fooled by campers Terry "Weed" Williams, Spaz, and Stan into smoking dried cow manure, which makes him cough and fall on Stan's crotch, earning him the nickname "Blowjob." After the social, Weed is tied to his chair and gasoline is squirted down his throat. The killer tapes his mouth shut with a “Drugs are for dummies” sticker and pokes a hole through it with a lit cigarette, causing his insides to explode. Ronnie suspects the murders that happened twenty years ago are happening again, but Frank states the murders were accidental. A week later, Alan manages to convince two girls, Karen and Marie, to go to his "secret hideout", which is just a place in the woods where he eats junk food and enjoys watching the frogs. Michael makes Alan look like he skinned the frogs, and Karen and Marie run away. Alan catches up to Karen to try to explain what happened, but T. C. gives Alan a wedgie, and he falls in the water. Later that night Michael, T. C. and Marie force Karen to lure Alan to the back of the stage, where they take his clothes off, tie him up, blindfold him and embarrass him at the social.

Ronnie suspects that counselor Petey is the killer for always being nearby when Alan is in trouble. Petey always makes a point to stick up for Alan and angrily lashes out at Alan's tormenters. After returning to his cabin, Frank is knocked unconscious with a hammer and wakes up with his head inserted in a birdcage. The killer opens the birdcage and places two rats inside the cage. The rats eat through his head and down into his intestines. Randy and his girlfriend Linda O'Casey go to the pump house to have sex. Whilst Randy urinates, the killer ties him to a tree, using fishing line to wrap around his penis. Upon returning, Linda panics after hearing Randy placate the killer and drives off in the jeep, but the fishing line is tied to the jeep and tears off Randy's penis. Linda crashes after driving through a wrapped barbed wire line, which wraps around her face.

After Spaz visits T.C., a wooden spear comes through a hole in the floor while T.C. is looking into it and gouges his eye out, whereas he forces it through his head by walking into a wall. Ronnie and another camper, Jenny, find Frank dead and begin rounding up everyone. Bella goes to her cabin, where she finds that the bunk above her has been replaced with a board with spikes. The killer jumps down from the rafters and lands on the top bunk, causing the spikes to impale and kill Bella. T.C. and Bella are found dead and Ricky Thomas, Angela's cousin, is called by Sheriff Jerry. Karen runs through the camp. She finds Randy and Linda dying before bumping into the killer and fainting.

Karen wakes up with a rope hanging from a basketball hoop tied around her neck. The killer flips a switch to raise the net, causing Karen to be lifted off the ground. Michael arrives, prompting the killer to run off, and lowers the net. After Karen tells him she thinks Alan is the killer, Michael grabs a croquet mallet and runs to Alan's secret hideout, where he finds Alan, and starts beating Alan with the mallet. However, the real killer appears behind Michael as the screen fades to black.

Ronnie, Ricky and Jenny find a badly wounded Alan. Sheriff Jerry walks up, explaining through his mechanical voice box that the victims never learned, felt the need to be so mean all the time, thought they could do anything to their victims and get away with it, and eventually got what they deserved. The killer is revealed to be Sheriff Jerry, who in turn reveals himself to be Angela Baker, the murderer from the first movie, which causes Ronnie to say "I knew it was you!" Jenny finds something on the ground and runs away screaming. Ronnie and Ricky investigate and find Michael skinned alive on the ground. The film ends with Angela laughing maniacally before suddenly stopping and staring evilly into the camera.

In a post-credits scene, a flashback set three weeks prior to film shows how Angela escaped from the psychiatric clinic from the fourth film. She causes a brake fluid leak in a car and flags down Sheriff Pete, the real sheriff. She murders him by dropping the car on his head and steals his clothes to become the new sheriff.


Sleepaway Camp

  • Artie:Angela pulled the chair underneath him causing a vat of scalding boiling water to fall of him, he done because Angela was nearly molested by him. Paramedics took him away and Mel Kostic payed Ben and the rest of his kitchen staff to keep the event quiet.
  • Kenny Benn:Angela forcefully held his head under water and drowned, Kenny was murdered for making fun of him. His body was later found Lifeguard Hal and Mel deems this an accident.
  • Billy Island:Angela inserted a long stick to seal Billy in the stall, then uses a knife to open the plastic window and placed a stick with beehive inside the stall, Billy was stung by numerous bees before he managed to break out dropping dead on the floor with his face covered by bees, Angela done this because he threw waters balloons on her.
  • Meg Kameron:During taking a shower, Angela drove a knife through the stall into her back and dragged it down, slicing her back open, Meg was killed for bully him. Her body was later found by Mel.
  • 1 Young Campers:Eddie found the four campers after being brutally hacked to death with an axe, they were killed because they threw sand on Angela. 
  • 2 Young Campers:Eddie found the four campers after being brutally hacked to death with a hatchet, they were killed because they threw sand on Angela and Ricky.
  • 3 Young Campers:Eddie found the four campers after being brutally hacked to death with a hatchet, they were killed because they threw sand on Angela and Ricky.
  • 4 Young Campers:Eddie found the four campers after being brutally hacked to death with a hatchet, they were killed because they threw sand on Angela and Ricky.
  • Judy L. Beck:For being a camp bitch and kissing Paul, Angela walks right up to her in the cabin and knocks her out with a single punch, unconscious, Angela grabs a pillow and places it on her face while grabbing a hot curler iron and inserting it into her vagina, killing her. She was later found by the other female campers.
  • Mel Kostic:Angela appears at the shooting range and fires an arrow right at him through his throat, he done this for nearly beaten Ricky to death.
  • Paul Collins:Ronnie and Susie found Angela naked on the beach holding a knife and Paul's severed head, meaning that Paul was killed for discovering that Angela was a boy.

Sleepaway Camp II

  • Phoebe:While lost in the woods, Angela ambushes her and bludgeoned her with a log, she then cuts her tongue out with a knife, Angela done this because she broke her curfew.
  • Brooke Shote:Angela pours gasoline and burns them to death for smoking pot, sex and fooling around with the boys.
  • Jodi Shote:Angela pours gasoline and burns them to death for smoking pot, sex and fooling around with the boys.
  • Mare Winningham:In the car, Angela drilled her face for exposing her breasts to the boys.
  • Anthony Hall:Angela slit his throat with his own razor glove, Angela did this for trying to prank him.
  • Judd Nelson:While dressed as Leatherface, Angela slashes his leg with a chainsaw, he attempts to get away but falls to the ground, he than finishes him by slashing his face, Angela did this for the same thing as Anthony.
  • Ally Burgess:For being a camp bitch, Angela stabs her in the back with a knife and shoves her down the outhouse and drowns her.
  • Demi:Angela strangles her with a guitar string for talking too much.
  • Leah:Angela stabs her to death for being a tattle-tale.
  • TC Cruz:For butting head with him, Angela pours battery acid on his face.
  • Sean Whitmore:Angel decapitated him with a machete for confrontational.
  • Matt Ural:Angela was seen dragging him to the cabin for doing sex.
  • Charlie Sheen:Diane found the boys pinned up to the cabin with her throats slit and eyes gouged out, Angela killed them for being peeping toms and dumping water on her.
  • Emilio Estevez:Diane found the boys pinned up to the cabin with her throats slit and eyes gouged out, Angela killed them for being peeping toms.
  • Uncle John Hughes:Diane found him with his hand severed and throat slit, Angela was fired by him.
  • Rob Darrinco:Diane found him hung from the ceiling, gagged and a machete in his chest, he was part in Angela murder spree.
  • Diane:Angela stabbed her in his murder spree.
  • Truck Driver:Angela stabbed her for being a foul mouth.
  • Molly Nagle:This campers body was never found. It's suspected she attempted to flee after discovering the murdered victims and was intercepted. No information is available at this time. Police mounted a month long man-hunt but nothing was found. Still missing and presumed dead. No body found.

Sleepaway Camp III

  • Maria Nicastro:Angela runs her over with a garbage truck for her disguise.
  • Tawny Richards:Angela tricks her into snorting cleaning chemicals instead of giving her real drugs.
  • Herman Miranda:Angela beaten him and impales him through his with a log for having sex with a underage girl.
  • Jan Hernandez:Angela bludgeoned her with a log for having sex.
  • Peter Doyle:Angela placed a firecracker on his face and exploded on him, Angela killed him because he was irritating him.
  • Snowboy Urberoaga:In horror in seeing his friend's death, Angela bludgeons him with a long then he was burned alive in a tent, Angel killed him for the same thing for Peter.
  • Arab Terashita:Angela pushes her into tent, when she tries to get out to face her, Angela grabs an axe and decapitated her for having a bad attitude.
  • Cindy Hammersmith:For her bitchy, racist attitude, having sex and smoking, Angela pulls her up the flagpole and drops her, her was smashed on impact.
  • Lilly Miranda:For being lazy and greedy, Angela pushes her in a pile of garbage and buries her, leaving her head on the surface, she then gets a lawnmower and decapitates her.
  • Bobby Stark:For coming on to him, Angela tied her arms to a jeep and pulls them off.
  • Riff James:Angela pins his hand to the ground with a tent spike, in attempted to escape Angela beats with a log then drives a tent spike through the destroyed tent into his head, Angela done it for his anti-sociable behavior.
  • Officer Barney Whitmore:In confrontation, Angela took Riff's handgun and shoots him to death in self-defense.
  • Anita Burcham:In a death game to find Marcia, Anita and Greg found him but only to stumble into a trap which got their chests impaled by swinging axes, Angela said these two were boring but mostly for her murder spree.
  • Greg Nakashima:In a death game to find Marcia, Anita and Greg found him but only to stumble into a trap which got their chests impaled by swinging axes, Angela said these two were boring but mostly for her murder spree.
  • Harry Portsmen: Air bubbles in the heart, found during the autopsy, shows a 16-gauge needle was used to puncture the ribcage and penetrate the heart. This type of wound renders death very quickly due to the bodies inability to discard air bubbles from the blood stream. They literally clogged his arteries. Dead on Arrival.
  • Officer John Johnson:In attempts to doing as the paramedic, Angela stabbed him in the eye with the same syringe.

Return to Sleepaway Camp

  • Sheriff Pete Hernandez:After the credits of the film, a flashback was shown revealing Angela had got the Sheriff under the broken down car and crushed his head for his disguise.
  • Mickey:For alteration and picking a fight with Alan, Angela grabs him by the feet and shoves his head into the fryer, then disposes of his body in the trash compactor outside.
  • Weed Williams:For pulling a prank Alan, Angela ties and gags him to a chair, forces gasoline down his throat then lights a cigarette causing his insides to burn and exploded. Frank deems it as an accident.
  • Frank Kostic:For being greedy, infective and not helping Alan, Angel knocks him out with a hammer and ties him to the bed, he then places a cage full of rats who eaten through his eye and out through his intestines. He was later found by Ronnie and Jenny.
  • Randy Jillani:For bullying Alan, Angela ties a fishing wire to his penis and the other line to Linda's jeep, she drove off to fled from the killer not knowing about the fishing line as it pulls his cock off and bleeds to death. Karen later finds his body.
  • Linda O'Casey:In a attempt to drive away in her jeep, Linda droves into a line of barbed wire which wraps around her head and she crashed into a tree for being bitchy to Alan. Karen later found her.
  • T.C. Dimas:For bullying Alan and nicknaming him "Blowjob", Angela impales his eye with a spike and raving it around, he accidentally hits a wall forcing it through his eye with Spaz as he witness it.
  • Bella Boyd:For being mean to Alan, Bella stumbles upon the bottom part of the upper bed with spikes as Angela jumps on it causing the bed to fall on her, impaling her with numerous nails. Her body was later found by Karen.
  • Michael Dam:Ronnie, Jenny and Ricky found Michael skinned alive for beaten Alan nearly to death and also for skinning frogs and animal cruelty.

Sleepaway Camp IV

  • Eugene: For getting in her way, Angela/Allison shoots Eugene off-screen. Although, this film is considered by many to be non-canon.
  • Ranger Jack: For trying to rape Allison/Angela, she runs into the woods to get away from him. At the end of the film, he startles Angela while she is holding a knife, and it is strongly implied that she stabbed him. However, this film is considered by many to be non-canon.