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Amy Klein

Amy Klein is a character in the film Hellraiser: Deader, where she is portrayed by Kari Wührer as an adult and Maria Pintea as a young girl.

A gonzo-style reporter, Amy was physically (and possibly sexually) abused by her father as a child, which led her to stab him to death. After viewing a videotape her boss Charles Richmond received in the mail which depicts a member of a cult known as the Deaders committing suicide and subsequently being resurrected by Deaders leader Winter LeMarchand, Amy travels from London to Bucharest to look into the Deaders.

Finding another tape and The Lament Configuration puzzle box in the apartment of a heavily decayed-looking Deader named Marla, who subsequently appears to her several times, Amy tinkers with the box, causing her to have a brief encounter with the Cenobite Pinhead.

Tracking down Winter and the Deader's home, Amy is forced into experiencing something of a vision quest by Winter, who wishes to use her to solve the Lament Configuration, something neither he nor his followers can do. Eventually snapping out of her trance-like state, Amy is almost goaded into killing herself (so she can be resurrected later) with a knife by Winter, but relents and inadvertently solves the Lament Configuration by hurling it at a wall. Summoning Pinhead and the Cenobites, Amy witnesses them rip Winter (revealed to be a descendant of box creator Phillip Lemarchand) apart with hooked chains and subsequently kill the Deaders once and for all. When the Cenobites turn their attention on her, Amy, to rob them of collecting her soul, commits suicide by stabbing herself, causing the Lament Configuration to make the Cenobites vanish and cause the Deader's lair to collapse.