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Amityville Now

Amityville Now: The Jones Journal is a novel written by John G. Jones. It was first published in 2014.


John G. Jones is a real-life author with books on the worldwide & New York Times best-seller-lists, an Australian writer, musician and producer who worked with the Lutz family to produce The Amityville Horror Part II and its sequels, telling the truth about what happened after the Lutzes left Amityville. Now he tells the rest of the story: how the Evil that was unleashed found him, how it changed his life forever.

And now, for the first time, John shares the terrifying true story of his own paranormal experiences, and his work with an extraordinary group of gifted allies that fight to keep the escaped Evil from taking root in our world. The fight will never end – it's can't. Because every confrontation, every supernatural experience, has taught them one terrible truth: Evil never dies...it just changes shape.