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Amityville: No Escape is an American found-footage horror film released in 2016. It was directed by Henrique Couto and co-written by Couto and Ira Gansler.


To better explore the dark realm of personal fears, the ambitious documentarian and college student, George, sets out to the allegedly cursed woods of Amityville, to record a thesis project. There--along with his girlfriend, Sarah; his sister, Elizabeth; the cameraman, Simon, and his friend, Lisa--George will soon find out that evil never dies, as hair-raising apparitions of an eerie female figure pave the way for an unforeseen paranormal experience that the unsuspecting group is completely unprepared to handle. Now, spanning nearly two decades of terror, George and the unwise explorers of the unknown will come face-to-face not only with their deep-seated fears but also with an ancient malevolent force. Is there an escape from Amityville's demonic influence?