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Amityville My Sisters Keeper

Amityville: My Sister's Keeper: A Story of Death Deception and the Occult is an autobiographical book published in 2016.


After forty years the SECRETS ARE REVEALED

This is the "Amityville Horror" backstory that no one knew about ...UNTIL NOW!

"The truth roared from my pen when I wrote this book. The legend around the Amityville house and the story of what happened to George and Kathy Lutz has been told in countless movies, books and interviews. But the REAL story has never been told.

Kathy Lutz was my sister and George Lee Lutz was my brother-in-law. This book is about the days and months that led up to those fateful 28 days that my sister and her husband spent in the hell house that became know as the "Amityville House." For anyone who wants to know the whole story of the "Amityville-Horror" couple, this book is a must-read.

If you have ever lost a loved one into the darkness of the occult.

If you have ever question your own beliefs.

If you believe that there are no versions of the truth--you need to read this book.

In life and in death, some choices have lasting consequences ... terrible consequences.

Some, when faced with the truth may deny it, despise it, even attach it---but that doesn't change it.