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Amanda Ripley (character)

Amanda "Amy" Ripley McClaren is a fictional character in the Alien franchise. The daughter of Ellen Ripley (main protagonist of the original film series, portrayed by Sigourney Weaver), the character is first mentioned and seen as an elderly woman in a photograph in the extended "special edition" of Aliens.

Amanda Ripley is also the protagonist of the 2014 video game Alien: Isolation, which is set approximately 15 years after Alien but around 40 years prior to Aliens. In the game, Amanda is in her mid-20s and is an engineer for the Weyland-Yutani Corporation (which was her mother's employer). She has continued searching for her long-lost mother, taking an assignment that enables her to visit the region of space in which her mother was last known to be in years earlier.

Amanda was conceived during a layover between haulage trips. Though this contravened Weyland-Yutani (W-Y) policy, her mother was not disciplined and the pregnancy was allowed to come to term. Amanda was delivered in a home birth, with her mother refusing anything for the pain, out of concern for years using cryo-drugs during trips in cryostasis.

She was 10 years old when Ellen Ripley goes off into space aboard the Nostromo. According to the expanded universe novel Alien: Out of the Shadows, her father abandoned them, when Amanda was only 3 years old. According to the novelization of Aliens, Amanda's parents drifted apart and separated; with Ripley gaining custody. Before setting off on the Nostromo, and before the events of Alien, Ellen had promised Amanda that she would be back home in time for her 11th birthday.

In Alien: Isolation, Amanda Ripley is an engineer for W-Y who is approached by its synthetic, Christopher Samuels. Samuels informed her that the flight recorder of the Nostromo had been discovered by the salvage ship Anesidora and taken to the Sevastopol Station, a supply depot in orbit around the gas giant KG348. Believing that it will provide her closure, Amanda accepts a place on the recovery team, travelling on the W-Y ship Torrens.

According to Aliens, Amanda at some point married, taking on the surname McClaren, but had no children. She died on December 23, 2178 from cancer. Ripley was cremated and interred at Westlake Repository, Little Chute, Wisconsin.

According to the non-canon novel, Alien: Original Sin, Ripley-8, in looking further into Amanda's life, learned that she had worked as a reporter.