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Altered Egos, (1983, Kenneth Girard, publ Pinnacle Books, 0-523-41896-5, $2 95, 288pp, pb)

Altered Egos is a novel written by Kenneth Girard. It was first published in 1983.


The audience thought it was only an act -- a dirty-mouthed dummy spewing vile insults while the ventriloquist rolled her innocent baby blues. Nobody believed that Plato could be more than a rag, a stick, a hank of hair. But inside his little wooden body lurked a wicked soul -- a demonic force seething with untold rage that would soon emerge and release its venom on the unsuspecting woman whose violent death had been arranged long ago. Now he just needed a fall guy -- even a female would do. Plato didn't have any sexual hangups. After all, he wasn't a real person -- or was he?