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Lex Woods

Alexa "Lex" Woods, played by Sanaa Lathan, is a character from the 2004 film Alien vs. Predator

Lex is recruited by Maxwell Stafford to be the guide for a team of explorers and scientists that is sent by Weyland Industries to explore a pyramid located under Bouvet Island. During the expedition, she and her team accidentally start a 'coming of age' rite for the Predators ahead of schedule by removing the Predators' plasma cannons, thus leaving them with only melee weapons to use against the Aliens.

However, after most of the humans and Predators are killed, Lex join forces with the sole surviving Predator, Scar, after Lex kills an Alien that ambushes the two. Lex provides Scar with his plasma cannon while he makes her a makeshift shield and spear out of the remains of the dead Alien in return of her gratitude.

After the last surviving member of the team, Sebastian De Rosa is killed, they set a bomb in the hive to destroy the temple. Alexa and Scar attempt to evacuate, but are once again attacked by Aliens. Lex manages to kill one with Scar's plasma cannon which fell off from his shoulder when an Alien pounced on him. Taking the opportunity, both Alexa and the Predator flee the temple before it is destroyed. After they rise to the surface, Scar subsequently marks her a warrior in recognition of her defeat of two of the Aliens.

Following the attack of the Alien Queen, during which the Queen was tipped into the Southern Ocean, Scar dies. Alexa is confronted by the rest of the Predator clan as they collect Scars' body. Recognizing her mark given by Scar, the commander of the Predator ship (known as Elder) gives her one of their Combi-Sticks as a trophy before departing.