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A Night in Terror Tower is the twenty-seventh book in the original Goosebumps, the series of children's horror fiction novels created and authored by R. L. Stine. It was adapted into a two-part episode, an audiobook, and a board game. The plot is loosely based on the historical Princes in the Tower.


Sue and her younger brother Eddie are American tourists in London and after Eddie wants to visit Terror Tower, they join a tour of the castle. As the tour progresses, Sue notices that a man wearing black is following them as they move throughout the castle. The man in black, who also wears a cape, chases them and the children manage to escape. After going back to their hotel room, they find out that the suite is empty and that their parents are not in the hotel. They have trouble remembering their last name as well. After they leave the hotel's restaurant, the man in black blocks their path, and sends them to Medieval times with magical stones.

Confused, alone and frightened, Eddie and Sue are once again stalked by the man in black and eventually find refuge in the home of a peasant woman who promises to keep them safe. However, this turns out to be a ruse, as the woman quickly betrays them and turns them over to the man in black, who is revealed to be the lord high executioner. Sue and Eddie are then taken back to Terror Tower to await execution.

In the dungeon, the children meet Morgred, a sorcerer, who informs them that they are Susannah and Edward, heir to the throne and niece and nephew to the man in black. It is revealed that the man in black murdered their parents and was attempting to murder the children in order to claim the throne for himself. However, before he could succeed, Morgred sent the children into a distant future with new memories in hopes of saving them from their uncle.

Fully aware of their identity, Sue and Eddie, along with Morgred, are led to their execution. After a brief standoff with the man in black, the children manage to break free and recover the magic stones allowing Morgred to, once again, send them into the future. Now in the present, they are part of the tour again. A bearded man, Morgred, joins the children and tells them to call him Mr. Morgan.