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A Nest of Nightmares - Tuttle

A Nest of Nightmares is a collection of short story written by Lisa Tuttle. It was first published in 1985.


Yellow Cotswold stone against the spiky winter trees - Pam and her sister Sylvia fell in love with the old house on the spot. Sylvia would take long walks in the country; Pam would have tea ready by the fire for when she returned. Nice fantasies...

The house had that kind of effect on people. It felt cozy, lived-in, though it had been empty for many years. Oddly, there was rubbish everywhere, but there was no other sign of a squatter's brief inhabitation.

And though the windows were unbroken. the doors securely locked, Pam could never entirely rid herself of the thought that she and her sister might not be alone in the house...

One of 13 terrifying tales of terror...


  • Bug House
  • Dollburger
  • Community Property
  • Flying to Byzantium
  • Treading the Maze
  • The Horse Lord
  • The Other Mother
  • Need
  • The Memory of Wood
  • A Friend in Need
  • Stranger in the House
  • Sun City
  • The Nest